Metzeler Sportec M9RR - The Sports Tyre for All Year Round

Metzeler Sportec M9RR LogoYou have choices, many, many choices, and the odds are that you will be happy with each and every one of them, because truth be told, none of the manufacturers make a bad tyre.

We do however want to draw your attention to the Brand New Metzeler M9RR. It supersedes the M7RR (Metzeler are seemingly starting to adopt an easier to follow naming convention) and one of its highlight features is that it offers 10% more mileage than its predecessor whilst still giving outstanding grip in the dry and in the wet.

It has a sporty profile meaning that 'turn in' will be sharp, and that it will remain smooth and stable throughout the lean, while the dual compound, 100% Silica rubber ensures that you have the most grip where you need it. Continuing that theme, the sipes (grooves/tread) are at their widest mid lean, as this is where you need the wet grip the most. 

Best of all, they know how to produce a very emotive video. Go on, sit back, full screen, volume up and enjoy!