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Sports Touring

The successor of the best long-lasting sport touring tyre.

Latest evolution of Gran turismo: long lasting riding please with a sporty DNA, provides top level handeling, outstanding wet behaviour on the tyre desgined to work with electronic rider aids.

The First Tyre with a Double Soul.

Compound with high silica content for sport touring use; good dry grip with maximum safety on wet surfaces and at low tempretures. Excellent Mileage with constant, reliable performance throughout the full life of the tyre.

The sporty side of touring.

ROADTEC™ 01 SE is METZELER evolution in the Sport Touring segment that enhances handling and grip for supersport, naked and adventure motorcycles preserving mileage and wet performances.

Excellence on wet roads, water won’t catch you unprepared.

A long time test winner until the breakthrough of ROADTEC™ 01, with a sublime blend of precise and effortless handling