Wet Weather Tyres, Winter Tyres and the GTC Motorcycle  Tyre Hotel

Having the right tyres for the weather conditions is an absolute must, especially for a motorcyclist, so during Autumn and Winter we recommend tyres that are designed for colder and wetter conditions.

We have a few recommendations for you, but one hurdle for many ‘would be winter converts’ is that their sticky Summer tyres still have plenty of life left in them. Enter the Tyre Hotel!

When you buy a set of winter/wet weather tyres from us, we will store your summer tyres for you, in the GTC Motorcycle Tyre Hotel. We will keep them there until the weather changes, and then for £49.99 we will put them back on your bike for you.

This means you have the right tyres on for the season, as well as not having to worry about wasting your summer tyres, or transporting or storing them.

Valentino Rossi switches between wets, intermediates and slick tyres according to the conditions, and now you can too!


Our Two Favourite Tyres Suitable for Cold and Wet Conditions are:

The Metzeler Roadtec 01 is a Sport Touring tyre
offering riders:
The Michelin Pilot Road 4 is a Sport Touring tyre
offering riders:
  • Big increases in wet weather grip thanks to a new compound and radical new tread pattern
  • Increased durability to give riders more mileage for their money
  • Latest in compound technology for fast warm up times, and to further boost wet grip
  • Maximum levels of safety and improved performance under braking in the wet
  • Total performance strategy sees improvements in characteristics across the board
  • Standard, GT and Trail versions available to cover a wider range of bikes