Motorcycle Track and Race Tyres

At GTC Motorcycles we keep the latest in race and track day tyres on the shelf. We are preferred suppliers for Michelin, Pirelli and Metzeler.  From hypersport track day tyres through to full race slicks and wets, we keep the entire range of Michelin Power products, Pirelli Supercorsa and Superbike range and the new Metzeler Racetec RR. We also keep selected Avon, Dunlop and Continental products and have access to Bridgestone. Whatever your requirements, we can help.


Michelin Power Cup Evo

An ideal track tyre for mainly track day use, the Cup Evo is a road legal version of the Michelin Power Evo Slick. With Adaptive Casing technology (ACT) for an enhanced contact patch and lean angle, Silica Component Technology (SCT) using elastomers in the rubber compounds in conjunction with high tech synthetic compound resins (SCT) these promote a fast warm up to help the near slick technology (NST) tyres with less than 5% land to sea ration (the ratio of grooves as a percentage of the treaded surface area) get up to their optimum operational temperatures.





Michelin Power Slick Evo

This is the ultimate track tyre for the fast track day enthusiast, ideal for dry conditions, the Power Slick has a more flexible casing at the front and has Adaptive Casing Technology (ACT) to facilitate set-up and handling, there’s one versatile compound which helps this tyre work outstanding giving better feedback and additional grip to the more experienced track day/ racer.






Michelin Power Rain

The ultimate track tyre for performance in the wet, the Power rain maximises water clearance thanks to its fountain tread design. This Tyre is effective in a wide range of temperatures.