Motocross, Trials Riding, Green Laning and Other Off Road

Where everyone else is craving empty roads and smooth, fast tarmac, you are longing for something a little rougher, harder to pass generally more hostile.

Whatever your Off Road discipline, we won't judge you. We keep a full range of Off Road tyres in all of the popular makes, models and sizes.

Whether you are an addicted Moto Crosser or you just fancy taking your Adventure bike along some green lanes, we are more than happy to oblige. Our key brands are Michelin, Metzeler, Pirelli and Continental, but we are also happy to supply Bridgestone, Maxxis and Dunlop. The choice is yours!

Michelin Tracker

Michelin Tracker Off Road Wheelie

The MICHELIN Tracker replaces the Michelin AC10 and takes its inspiration directly from tyres used in topflight motorsport and is engineered to address the needs of the growing number of riders who are looking for a reliable product that allows them to enjoy their off-road forays to the full.

To cover the requirements of amateur competitors, as well as those who use their bike for practice or leisure purposes, it is designed to cover a particularly broad spectrum of terrains.

Thanks to its new tread pattern design, its resilience and the outstanding grip it delivers, the MICHELIN Tracker is perfectly suited to riding on sand, mud and dirt. It is approved for road use, too, making it the ideal fitment for road legal, enduro and trail bikes like the Yamaha WR-F 450 and the Suzuki DR-Z 400.

The MICHELIN Tracker’s strength, performance, versatility and affordable price tag are sure to appeal to a high number of off-road enthusiasts, and the technologies it packs stand to win over the most exacting bikers. Careful attention has notably been paid to its tread pattern and crown which has been reinforced to shrug off the knocks associated with off-road riding.

The design of the MICHELIN Tracker’s innovative tread pattern ensures outstanding traction and braking performance in even the toughest conditions. The tie bars that connect the blocks provide added protection and upgraded resistance to impact, while the new tyre’s two-ply construction combines reduced weight with superior ride comfort and directional precision. Last but not least, for extra peace of mind for riders who like to stray off the beaten track, MICHELIN Bib Mousse inserts are available in a choice of four sizes (M15, M18, M22 and M199) for the new MICHELIN Tracker.



Check Out the New Pirelli MT 21 Road Legal Tyre

Pirelli MT21 Rallycross Off Road Tyres Front and Rear

Developed for globetrotting motorcyclists and rally specialists who are looking for maximum flexibility of use, from the dunes of the desert to wide-ranging tourism on asphalt roads

A flexible carcass to ensure high stability and precision in setting and following trajectories

An optimised tread for use on dirt tracks and gravel, cross country racing and in the desert

High performance off road and the blocks have greater resistance to tearing thanks to the specific compound