Motorcycle, Moped and Scooter Servicing

Prevention is more convenient than cure, and whilst servicing a Motorcycle or Scooter doesn't guarantee that you will never get caught out, it does significantly reduce the odds.

We offer a range of Servicing Options and use Original Equipment service parts whenever possible. We also use Motul, motorcycle specific oils in a full range of grades to ensure that your motorcycle is as the manufacturer intended.

We can offer anything from a simple Oil and Filter change to a Major Service including valve clearance checking and adjustments.

All prices include labour and VAT

Motorcycle Servicing Prices**

Add an MOT to your Service for only £20!

  Up to 125 cc 250 cc - 900 cc 900 cc and Above
Oil Service £75.00 £99.00 £150.00
Change oil and oil filter + test ride      

(Oil, Filter and 0.5hrs labour)

Annual Service £130.00 £150.00 £190.00
Clean and adjust C+S, clean and lubricate brake calipers, lubricate control pivots + test ride      

(as oil service + 1 hour labour)

Full Service £260.00 £350.00 £495.00
Replace air filter and spark plugs, syncronise throttle bodies, test battery, test charging system, reset fault codes + test ride      

 (as annual service plus air filter and spark plugs + 2 hours labour)



Additional Service Items


Brake Fluid (Every 2 Years) £45.00 £50.00 £50.00

   (Includes dot4 or dot5 brake fluid and labour)

Coolant Change (Every 2 years) £45.00 £55.00 £55.00
  (Included Motul Coolant and Labour)      
Valve Clearances £260.00 £400.00 £650.00





If you have any specific requirements then please call us to discuss.

**It is our aim to be able to offer clear and simple pricing on all of the services we provide. Clarity for you with no surprises and a clear, streamlined formula for us. 

There are occasions where it is not financially viable or practical for us to offer menu pricing for certain tasks on certain models of vehicle. If this is the case then we aim to advise in advance.

Please also note that above prices are based on the vehicle being in reasonable to good condition where all items are servicable.

Rust, corrosion and poor condition or broken items may incur additonal costs.