£30 Off Sets of Pirelli Motorcycle Tyres

Pirelli continue the year with with another great deal on their well proven Angel range of tyres

Simply buy a pair of tyres from us and have us fit them and Pirelli will give you an Amazon Voucher. The value of the voucher depends on which tyre you choose with the biggest reward coming for their latest and most premium tyre in the range.

Angel GTII - £30 Amazon Voucher
Angel GT  - £20 Amazon Voucher
Angel ST - £10 Amazon Voucher

Simply upload a copy of your invoice and fill in your details on the Pirelli Website: www.pirelli.com

The offer runs from July 1st 2020 through to 30th September 2020

Check out the MCN review of the Angel GTII

This offer is valid when you purchase and have fitted by us, in a single transaction, a pair (1 front and 1 rear) of any of the followingPirelli sets of tyres: Angel GT, Angel GTII or Angel ST