We want to say Thank You to all NHS and Medical Workers

You guys are doing an amazing job out there and we can't thank you enough.

In recognition of all of your hard work, relentless shifts and your selflessness, we want to do what we can for you, and that is to offer you 50% discount on all of our Services for the whole of 2020.

Beyond the flashy headline, this is what it will mean for you:

MOT Class 2 (Motorcycle) - £14.92

Labour (Serving, Repairs etc.) - £40.00 per hour

Wheel Removal - £12.50

Puncture Repairs - £10.50 (Loose wheel)


All prices include VAT where applicable.


This offer applies to all NHS staff, Blue Light Card holders and Pharmacists, so please give us a call on 01483 562300 and let us do our bit for you.

And Thank You once again from everyone at Guildford Tyre Company Ltd. and GTC Motorcycle.