Claim your free tpms system or £30 with Michelin Tyres

This promotion runs through to the 31st July 2020 and applies to all pairs if tyres fitted to the bike. 

This promotion applies to the following pairs of tyres:

  • MICHELIN Road 5 GT
  • MICHELIN Road 5
  • MICHELIN Road 5 Trail
  • MICHELIN Anakee Adventure
  • MICHELIN Anakee Wild
  • MICHELIN Power Supermoto
  • MICHELIN Power Rain
  • MICHELIN Power Slick 2
  • MICHELIN Power Cup 2
  • MICHELIN Power 5
  • MICHELIN Commander III
  • MICHELIN Scorcher

You can claim your FREE TMPS system or £30 pre-paid card from

Promo Code: RIDER2020

Claims must be made no later than midnight on 14 August 2020