Honda FireBlade CBR900RR Fitments with 16 Inch Front Tyre

The 1992 - 1999 Honda FireBlade was the motorcycle that changed how sports motorcycles were built. The Honda CBR900RR wiped the floor with its competitor motorcycles not by being more powerful (it wasn’t) but by being lighter. Rivals were all well over 200kg, the first Honda CBR900RR FireBlade was just 185kg which made it perform superbly. It’s still a wild ride and a surprisingly practical motorcycle andhappily there are still many on the road.

One of the things that made it stand out from the crowd was its 130/70R16 front tyre fitment, and thankfully there are still some very good tyres available for it. Originally it came out on the Bridgestone BT56 with a 180/55 R17 BT56 (G) on the rear. This tyre was ground breaking in so much as it was the first Dual Compound tyre on the market which went part way to extending the mileage of the 'touring' side of Sports Touring tyres.

Seventeen years on and this tyre has been superceeded several times, and the newer equivalents perform even better!

There are two fitments for this Motorcycle from Bridgestone and we keep them both on the shelf.

Prices are fitted to loose wheels and include a new rubber valve, balance, casing diposal and VAT. We are happy to remove and replace the wheels for you at a cost of £25 per wheel.

130/70 R16 / 180/55 R17 - Bridgetone BT016 Pro

Front: £100 - Rear: £115

130/70 R16 / 180/55 R17 - Bridgetone S21 Evo

Front: £110 - Rear: £135