Join our Beanie Hat Challenge!

We wanted to do somehting that was 'just a bit of fun', but when we spoke to Metzeler about our idea, they suggested that they could make it a 'bit more interesting'!

So here's what we have come up with...

We have 50 Beanie hats to give away, and we will give one to each customer who asks for one when they are paying their invoice (Tyres, MOT, Service, Repairs etc.)

Then all you have to do is get a picture of yourself wearing the beanie, doing something interesting or exciting and post it to our Facebook page

We will then judge the pictures posted and award the winner a Pair of Metzeler tyres and fit them to their bike (when you need them... we aren't going to force you!)

We'd love to see how far and wide our Beanies travel, and we'd also love to see what activities and locations they are used in.

The world is literally your oyster!