Once a Racer?

When you work with Terry Rymer on a daily basis it's easy to forget that the man you are chatting to was the first ever British rider to win a World Superbike race, that he raced in British Superbikes for 6 seasons from 1988 - 1998 and that he won the championship in 1990.

It's a given that he still instructs on Track Days, Manages a race team and carries out tyre tests for magazines and tyre manufacturers alike, but when you hear that he is taking part in the 'Golden Era' GP race at Donnington you really do wonder how it's going to go.

Avoiding the obvious attention grabbing "You'll never believe what happened next" headline we thought we would just show you the video. We are pretty sure you know how it's going to go, so if you want to see how the 'old boy' went then check out the video below.