Bridgestone A40 - The New Road Tyre for Big Adventure bikes

Unlike the day to day average car driver, motorcycle riders have to have an intimate relationship with their tyres, and fully understand the need to fit the right tyre for their riding style and intended use. Sometimes a hyper sport tread on a big powerful bike can last less than 2,500 miles, the right tyre can literally mean the difference between a safe ride home in the wet, or a nasty slide off resulting in a damaged bike, or potentially worse a damaged body. We at GTC Motorcycle know how important it is to get a real insight in testing the dynamics and feedback of any new tyre that we sell, to give our customers the most up to date and non biased opinion.

I was invited to go to Portugal for the Bridgestone A40 and T30 Evo tyre launch alongside some of the other tyre dealers/distributors in the UK, (it's a hard life I know)..

The Bridgestone Battlax A40 is a tyre designed to be used on big Adventure bikes, at the moment the only sizes available are the most common sizes for this sector 110/80-19 and 150/70-17 radials although we are told there will be more sizes available in the coming months.

Bridgestone A40 - T30 Evo Launch Terry Rymer

We had a wide range of bikes to choose from BMW GS's, Yamaha Super Tenere's etc to ride around the scenic hills and sweeping roads of the Algarve, I chose to ride the latest version of the Suzuki V Strom 1000. Although it was sunny there was a brisk slightly cold wind in the morning that we set off, I jumped on the Suzie 1000 Strom and was off down the road behind one of the very experienced guides that Bridgestone had provided. The initial feedback from the A40's was a well balanced tyre that had a decent warm up feel and a nice profile, as we got further in to the ride our guide took us off road for around 45 minutes or so. We rode along some great farm tracks consisting of dirt and gravel mainly, nothing too difficult for the Bridgestone's, I have to say that they performed well considering they are not a heavily cut/blocked tyre. Back on the tarmac we were told by our guide that we would be going a bit faster on this section of the route which was a mixture of narrow mountain pass type roads, hairpins and then in to some big sweeping undulating A roads, the foot pegs of the Suzuki were scraping just about everywhere, the A40's were working great with excellent stability on the faster sections superb traction and feedback on the undulating tight sections of the road.

So to cap it all I was very impressed with the A40's they gave a smooth comfortable ride with good grip but most importantly installed confidence on each and every corner. They are a great combination for today's sophisticated adventure bikes, would I run them on my bike? Yes!

Bridgestone T30 Evo

We arrived back to our hotel for Lunch, after half an hour or so we were invited to go out to the car park to pick which bike we would like to ride on the T30 Evo test, I choose a Yamaha MT Tracer 900 triple, I would have liked to have ridden the other bikes available from other manufactures but time was not on our side.

The T30 Evo is a new tyre to Bridgestone, the Bridgestone engineers say that this latest version of the T30 range has a new formula compound with a redesigned pattern consisting of extra sub grooves to improve water channelling throughout the contact patch of the tyre. Unfortunately I would not be testing the T30 Evo's wet weather attributes as we are now out on the road riding in around 22 degrees sunshine. What I can say though is the T30's give good consistent grip levels, quick response to the varying road surfaces and a very stable neutral feeling throughout, even when scratching around with my old hero ex GP World Champion Freddie Spencer who was on the Bridgestone trip as an ambassador for their products.

The end result for the T30 Evo is a responsive stable tyre with excellent grip properties.

GTC look forward to stocking and recommending these Tyres to our valued customers

Terry Rymer