Having a valid MOT test certificate for your Moped, Scooter or Motorcycle is a legal requirement and whilst no one enjoys 'that' visit to a garage we do our best to make it as painless as possible.

We are an official DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) test centre and are approved to carry out Class 1&2 MOT tests. This 'Class' of MOTs covers Mopeds, Scooters and Motorcycles which also included Electric and hybrid mopeds and scooters.

An MOT test can be carried out while you wait in our viewing area or relax in our reception area with a coffee and a magazine. Alternatively you can leave it with us and pick it up at your convenience after the test.

Our Scooter, Moped and Motorcycle slots run every 30 minutes throughout the day.

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Class 1 and 2 MOT - £29.65      

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Duplicate Certificate - £10

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*MOT Test fees are not subject to VAT

What's tested?

Condition, operation, security and correct colour of headlamp(s), rear lights, indicators and reflectors. Also the headlamp(s) will be checked to see if the aim is correct.

Steering and Suspension 
Condition, security and operation, including forks, mountings, controls, bearings etc.
Wheels and tyres
Wheel condition and security, tyre condition, size/type and tread depth.
Free from cracks, damage, distortion or corrosion which is likely to affect the steering or brakes.
Condition, operation and performance (efficiency test), brake controls.
Fuel & exhaust systems 
Leaks, Complete, secure, and not too noisy.
Wheel alignment
Correct alignment of front and rear wheels.
Includes checks on; attachment, suspension, wheel bearings, wheel alignment, lights and tyres.
Body & structure
Condition and security of final drive, foot rests and seat.
Correct operation and the correct type.
Registration plates/vehicle identification/frame no.
Present, legible.
View this information on the Official Government website:
An MOT certificate confirms that at the time of the test, without dismantling, the vehicle met the minimum acceptable environmental and road safety standards required by law. It does not mean that the vehicle is roadworthy for the life of the certificate. 
The test does not cover the condition or serviceability of the engine, clutch or gearbox.

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